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Loop any YouTube Video

What is InfiniteLooper.Tube?

InfiniteLooper is a free online tool that you can use to repeat YouTube videos infinitely. It can be very helpful to listen music, study some abilities (such as languages, music, and others), or to carefully watch some occult content in a video, as you can define a specific part of the video to watch repeatedly and in slow speed.

How to use InfiniteLooper?

To repeat a YouTube video repeatedly in AB Loop, you just need to insert the URL or ID of the video in the search bar and select the start (A) and end (B) point. Adjust the speed as you need.

Infinite Looper Functions

  • Repeat Youtube videos over and over again
  • Repeat YouTube Video in AB Loop
  • Speed up or slow down the video as you want
  • Take notes in the video
  • Save your loops to watch later
  • Share your loops with friends or social media